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We're committed to delivering cutting-edge labelling technologies, so that our customers can benefit from new and innovative packaging. Below are some of the recent enhancements to our printing capabilities. Contact us to find out more.

Soft-Touch LabelsWe have an exciting new material which enables printed labels to feel soft, and silky to the touch. This fantastic development provides an opportunity to make packaging stand out by appealing to more of the customers’ senses.

Soft-touch labels are especially fabulous when used on glass bottles because of the contrasting textures. The glass is cold and hard, while the label is warm and soft. This differentiator really helps engage customers.

In our soft-touch range we also have a beautiful metallic variant, and a modern black.

Antimicrobial LabelsWe have an advanced coating treatment which offers safe and highly effective antimicrobial performance, and lasts forever. With this coating we can produce labels which deactivate bacteria and other microbes, without compromising on design or decoration.

99.99% of bacteria are killed within 30 seconds of contact with this antimicrobial solution and, as well as being highly effective, the new coating is the safest environmental antimicrobial product available.

This breakthrough technology not only delivers everlasting antimicrobial effects, but also has little impact on the total cost of a label.

Opaque Peel and Read LabelsOur new opaque peel & read labels can totally conceal any text printed beneath their outer-surface layer. They can be made into booklets and are also suitable as a single layer label to mask unwanted visuals.

These new offerings can be decorated in exactly the same way as other polypropylene labels.

Pearlescent LabelsPearlescent films are a means to add an extra touch of sophistication to your label designs. The beautiful iridescent materials are made from polyethylene, a high density polymer, with bubbles in the core layer.

Their waterproof properties and lustrous shine make them perfectly suited for enhancing the labels on Champagnes, sparkling wines, non-alcoholic beverages and premium cosmetic packaging.

These eye-catching films come in four colour variants – gold, silver, green and blue.

Labelling Innovations